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The following are just some of the Special Services we offer:


Hand Stripping Experts

We are fully trained experts in the art of hand stripping suitable coarse haired coats.

Done properly this is a gentle process resulting in the removal of the ‘blown’ coat promoting beautifully textured and fully coloured regrowth.


New Puppy Grooming Intro Sessions

Introducing your pup to dog grooming at an early age helps make the dog grooming experience an enjoyable and stress free experience throughout your dog’s life.

We encourage your puppy to explore the sounds and smells of our grooming environment. We’ll advise you on coat care, demonstrate home grooming care techniques and gently start some grooming procedures such as nails, feet, face and hygiene trimming.

1-1 session with your pup and lots of love and cuddles. from £25.00

A Matted Coat

Many dog’s coats are prone to matting. Matts are tangled masses of interwoven hair that often form on areas of the dog that rub together such as behind the ears, legs, tail and collar. Moisture, dirt and debris catch up in matts and can result in irritation, infection and painful pulling on a dog’s skin.

We can remove some smaller matts and tangles and advise owners on regularity of dog grooming appointments and home brushing products and routines if required.

In cases of severe matting our primary concern is with the welfare of the dog and sometimes the only remedy we can advise is clipping off the matted areas, in effect, ‘starting again’.

Nail Clipping

With positive gentle handling, reassurance & association most dogs can learn to relax & happily tolerate having their nails clipped. A dog’s nails should be off the ground when the dog stands naturally. Over long nails can distort a dog’s gait, posture & lead to deformed bones in the foot. Untrimmed dew claws can grow around on themselves, growing into the skin causing pain & infection.

We also trim the hair between the pads & check your dog’s feet for grass seeds & knots whilst clipping nails. From £8

Our Self Service Dog Wash Facility

Take the strain out of bending to wash your dog at home, use our height adjustable professional dog bath and self service dryer and, best of all, WE CLEAN UP AFTER!!


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