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Dog Grooming Qualifications

The following is a very brief guide to OCN and City & Guilds dog grooming qualifications. Qualifications are not currently mandatory within the dog grooming industry but many customers are now looking for an assurance of knowledge and quality in fully qualified groomers for their pets.

City & Guilds dog grooming qualifications have been around for over 30 years. It is a requirement of City & Guilds to have achieved the Level 2 Dog Groomers Assistant qualification before you can progress on to the Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma. At The Dog House, the Level 2 and Level 3 can be done over separate courses or both together.

The Open College Network West Midlands (OCN) Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming is a relatively new qualification within the industry. It has been developed by contemporary professional dog groomers and focuses on vocational assessment and real life commercially viable dog grooming. Both Level 3 Diploma qualifications are recognised equally within the industry. The current benefit of the OCN is there is no pre-requisite Level 2 qualification to complete.

Already established as a groomer or Groomers Assistant?
Established groomers or groomers’ assistants do not need to complete a full course although they may be required to attend a pre-qualification assessment. As a result of this assessment they may be advised to attend some tuition to reach the required standard. The qualification assessments can then be completed over the fast track period of either 2 or 12 days depending on the qualification being taken.

(If you are an established groomer and have already successfully completed the original 7763-03-City & Guilds Level 3 Introductory qualification, you can still go on to complete the Level 3 Diploma part of this providing you are still within the 3 year registration period. Please see the bottom of this page for information on the 7763-03-Dog Grooming Diploma.)

If your registration has now expired you will not be able to complete the 7763-03 Level 3 Diploma. You can either remain at the Level 3 Introductory level or you can start from scratch with the new qualification and complete the 7763-02-Level 2 Dog Groomers Assistant followed by the new 7863-03 Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma as explained in the first paragraph or take the OCN Level 3 Diploma.

– City & Guilds Level 2 Dog Groomers Assistant – Assessment Breakdown

On Site at Training Centre

  • Practical Assessment 1: Assess, groom out, bath and dry a dog, and clip nails
  • Practical Assessment 2: Cleaning bathing area, equipment (electrical & non electrical)
  • Practical Assessment 3: Fitting a muzzle
  • Practical Assessment 4: Lifting achondroplastic breeds
  • Practical Assessment 5: Receiving or booking in a dog
  • Practical Assessment 6: Remove excess hair and carry out a basic trim
  • Q&A Test: 4 X Short question & answer papers under exam conditions
  • 002 Task D: Identify how to remove knots and tangles prior to bathing and grooming
  • 1 x online multiple choice exam (30 minutes) – taken on-site at the end of the course

In own Time: Worksheets & Written Assignments

  • 002 Task F: Health and safety, codes of practice and best practice guidance
  • 003 Task D: Maintenance of equipment and waste disposal
  • 004 Task E: Outline PPE
  • 004 Task F: Present evidence to identify safe usage of restraint equipment
  • 005 Task H: Maintenance schedule
  • 005 Task I: Identify hazards

7863-03 – City & Guilds Level 3 Dog Grooming DiplomaAssessment Breakdown

On Site at Training Centre

  • Practical Assessment 1: Risk assessment, client consultation and style a wool mix coat
  • Practical Assessment 2: Health check and hand strip a dog
  • Practical Assessment 3: Style a drop coat and maintaining equipment
  • Practical Assessment 4: Style a dog to breed standard
  • Practical Assessment 5: First aid

There will also be written assignments and worksheets to complete to help you research and revise for the theory side of the qualification. These are to be completed both on-site and as part of home study.

1 x online written exam – to be sat under full exam conditions (2hrs). This exam is held twice a year in June and November at an external site and you will be given a choice of which month you want to sit it following completion of the practical and theory assessments.

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